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Belt Alignment Kits

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SKF TKBA40 Quick and Accurate Belt Alignment Tool

SKF TKBA40 Quick and Accurate Belt Alignment Tool

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SKF TKBA40 Belt Alignment Tool: The SKF TKBA 40 aligns V-belt pulleys in the grooves. [more]...

Brand: SKF

We stock belt alignment kits and tools from some of the biggest brands. Our SKF-branded tools are used to align V-belt pulleys into grooves, using strong magnets and V-guides to place the tool into place. The tool uses a receiver unit and a secondary unit that emits a laser, meaning that the alignment device is rapid and simple to attach. With a 3D target area placed on the receiver, the user can easily pick up on any misalignments and identify whether it is parallel, vertical or horizontal in nature - or even all three. Fast attachment is facilitated via the powerful magnets, and the accuracy provided is very high indeed.